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Mick McCormick – Founder

Mick was born and raised in Zimbabwe. After leaving school he studied teaching and taught primary school for three years.

He moved to Johannesburg in 1975 and served as the National Sales Manager for a highly successful business equipment company for eleven years. During this time, he spent twelve weeks in the United States on intensive Sales and Sales Management courses and decided to open McMcormick Institute of Training in 1986.

Mick has conducted over 4 500 Leadership, Sales, and Customer Experience Workshops with a total of more than 60 000 delegates.

Mick has a real passion for people and thrives on seeing his principles being developed through people

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Ryan Bidgood – Director

An Entrepreneur at Heart, Ryan has worked as a CEO and Director of multiple businesses over the past 20+ years, both in South Africa and Australia.

Office National Africa, a business that he founded from his study at home, grew to a network of 72 outlets in Southern Africa, employing more than 1 000 staff with a combined turnover more than R790 million.

His passion and expertise are around IT, Finance and Sales & Marketing.

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Nick Denoon-Stevens – Senior Facilitator

Nick is most importantly the father of two kids, a son of 14 and a daughter of 12. He is into extreme sports, triathlons, mountain biking and long distance running. He loves coffee, kreef, connecting and crème brule.

 After finishing national service in the Navy, Nick did his time at Stellenbosch University and had lost his first business by the age of 23. He then got into corporate training and has been facilitating training workshops for 25 years. The last time he had a boss and a salary was April 1996!

 He runs predominantly sales and management development workshops. He helps sales teams understand the numbers in selling; helps create a greater level of business acumen in companies; and assists people to communicate better and handle the conflict situations they find themselves in. His business and financial acumen simulations also develop critical thinking, business decision-making, basic accounting and operations management.

 He has a fresh, high-energy style of facilitation and has a passion for simplicity and getting delegates to leave with a practical toolkit of what to do to change their personal and team performance and understand the financial implications of the decisions they make.

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Chantal Verster – Customer Success Executive

Chantal Verster is a powerful business driver whose vision is to carry companies through rapid and continuous growth.  

She likes getting people excited about the growth and development of themselves and their teams. She is the Customer Success Executive at MIT Africa and drives new business for MIT Africa. 

Previous to this she worked for Love Trust (NGO) as a fundraiser.

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Marcèl Smith – Administrative Secretary and Content Design

Marcèl is an Administrative Secretary and Content Designer for MIT. In this role, Marcèl coordinates all aspects of designs and office admin, including assisting MIT with Workshop presentations and proposals.

Marcèl is a qualified Graphic Designer with a passion for people and creating designs she loves in a job she believes helps the business industry reignite the fire to succeed.

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Ian Jones – Success Coach

Ian Jones is a specialist business coach. His focus is on supporting individuals and teams attain their highest possible levels of success. The range of his customers during the 17 years of his coaching career, covers CEO’s, executive teams, divisional management and self-managing project teams. Ian is a valuable contributor to the debates around how culture, organisational structure and performance management need to evolve into the digital ages.

Ian is connected to a national network of respected business coaches; his methodology and influence is scalable to serve the needs of enterprises, whatever their size and geographic distribution. He specialises in:

  • Leadership:
    • Supporting strong Leaders to become effective Leaders
  • Customer acquisition and retention
    • Supporting the movement from customer satisfaction to customer delight
  • Sustainable business growth
    • Supporting the use of best practices to achieve the greatest success
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Fionna Coetser – Sales Support

Fionna Coetser started her career as a Nursery School Teacher and Principal.

She excelled as a top Achiever in Real Estate in Cape Town and went on to work for a Recruitment Company for 20 years as a Consultant.

Fionna’s passion is helping people achieve their goals and making a difference in the business world.


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