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Short Courses

The art of effective & professional prospecting

McCormick Training has developed a powerful, practical step-by- step process that will enable sales professionals to become experts in this vital aspect of developing a healthy pipeline.

The McCormick Sales Process short course

Close more deals & improve the performance of any Sales TEAM. The Art of Specialisation in Sales is designed to make you more effective and efficient as you pursue your sales goals

The Esstential Guide to Effective Time Management

McCormick Training has developed a course that takes you through the ten techniques to manage your time like a pro

The Principles of Sales Leadership

There is nothing more important than for your Sales TEAM to develop a Positive Mindset, Attitude and a Disciplined approach to achieving exceptional sales results in 2021. McCormick Training is offering a highly dynamic, practical and motivating two-hour online training workshop

Sales Basics

We have created a workshop that helps lift closing rations, bolster customer retention and boost organisational performance.

Leadership Excellence

To achieve real success in your business you need to equip your Leaders with the tools and skills to build strong and focused teams. This workshop will guide and assist both Managers and Leaders in effectively navigating this challenging business environment

Sales Fundamentals: Back to Basics

Become a highly skilled and motivated sales professional by attending our course to develop and strengthen key selling skills, critical for delivering consistent sales results

Do you want to ignite change in your business?

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