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Recent times have dictated the necessity to develop Sales Consultants into fully fledged Strategic Business Consultants. McCormick Training’s Sales Development Program is based on McCormick Selling Techniques and through this develops Highly Effective, Competent & Professional Strategic Business Consultants.

Get sales training that generates quality leads & closes deals!

Personal Development

Initial Assessments & Feedback

Understand the Dynamics of a VUCA world and developing a culture of KAIZEN and a healthy wheel of life. Understand the power and impact of professionalism. This module includes a delegate self-assessment on professional qualities

Discover the power of passion, perseverancemindset and attitude and how to develop and  maintain a positive mindset, attitude and work ethic, get to grips with the  imposter syndrome and the 3 goals of every interaction

Achieve consistent sales results through value creation and solution selling. Creating value through the sales leadership principles, modelling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act and encouraging the heart

Enhance your customer relationships through the understanding and application personality profiling and use these tools to develop a communication style based on the outcomes of personality profiling

Work through everyday communication roadblocks and develop strategies for authentic communication, develop strong self-awareness and regulate your emotions in every situation. Listen and respond with empathy and build self-motivation

Sales Skills Development

Assessing the skills necessary to make an effective sale

Develop the art of professionalism, craft a powerful 15 second greeting and learn pre-call preparation. Establish client needs through a unique selling proposition and clarifying needs and summarise. Telephone closing techniques, follow-up and building rapport

A step-by-step guide to effective and professional prospecting and pipeline management, improve your closing ratios and make contact by preparing the perfect pitch. Learn how to handle objections and learn artful closing techniques and closing phrases to seal a sales deal

Develop the skills to collate and collect personal customer information, collaborate with internal partners and manage CRM, learn how to develop excellent after-sales service and become a trusted partner

Understand the need for negotiation skills in sales and identify the characteristics of a good negotiator. Learn and apply the steps of the negotiation process and develop communication skills essential to negotiate successfully, ultimately achieving the best outcome possible

Develop the art of having difficult conversations by using differences of opinion and conflicts constructively. Use proven strategies to prevent and manage conflict. Know your conflict management style and implement the 6 steps to conflict resolution

TEAM effectiveness & Accountability

Introduction & Implementation of profit improvement projects

Understand the importance of personal and career goal setting and achieving success through the DAMSURE goal setting process with an interactive GOAL setting session and personalised plan

Learn the 10 habits of extreme productivity to maximize motivation, make consistent progress and achieve goals. Ignite proactivity and stop procrastination by controlling YOUR TIME with the simplest, most effective time management system and achieve maximum output by focusing on the activities that get you results

Understand the principles of working capital and the significance of price, stock and debtors in business and the importance of budgeting and target achievement. Learn the difference between creating turnover and making money and the vital understanding of break even and profitability

Develop and apply the team effectiveness framework, by being responsible, informed, consulted and accountable, resulting in a culture of commitment in this interactive and entertaining session

Develop a culture of ownership and responsibility whilst encouraging innovation and initiative amongst team members by highlighting the effect of accountability on co-dependence, the impact of accountability on developing team trust and respect and developing and maintaining and exceptional company reputation

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