Sales Activator

Open New Doors, Close More Business

The traditional methodology of prospecting and selling has minimal impact on achieving the results you are striving for and deserve

McCormick Training has designed one of the most innovative and practical Sales Development Packages in the market today. It is a combination of a marketing qualified lead generating tool and a customised sales training program engineered to create ultra-high performing sales teams

What We Deliver

Lead Nurturing Tool

We use LinkedIn automation and digital marketing to establish you as a credible specialist in your chosen professional field. Lead generation and online marketing have never been easier with our state-of-the-art sales software. This takes away the pain of salespeople needing to generate their own leads

Along with this, we use a lead development and nurturing magnet that attracts qualified prospects via LinkedIn, taking them through an insightful journey, thereby assisting sales professionals to get on with the responsibility of engaging effectively with the business world. This alleviates the highly time-consuming aspect of having to create their own database, qualify the right person etc.

McCormick Training

A highly engaging and practical sales development course, totally customized to develop a sales team into genuine strategic business partners

The course takes the sales team through a series of carefully designed modules from the Vital Importance of the Power of Attitude, to Improving Closing Ratios through our Sales Workshop Journey




Features include

Content Creation Resources such as articles, podcasts & webinars
Marketing Strategy Support
Automated Email Campaigns
Mobile App
Sales Training Content & Unlimited Support

The Process

Diagnostics Meeting

Management engagement prior to roll out in order to intimately understand the dynamics of your business & sales environment

Lead Nurturing Tool Implementation

Captivating 1-Liner Workshop to position your company & content in the eyes of the reader, & the technical setup of the the Lead Nurturing Tool

A Customised Sales Development Program

A customised Sales Development Program combined with access to highly skilled Sales Mentors

  • Ongoing training sessions with your sales team
  • Summary of outcomes & action plans after each session to ensure application & implementation
  • Delegate handout material
  • Feedback report for management