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Competent Managers know the difference between managing a business & leading people

Go from being a good to great leader the McCormick Way

The competitive nature of business and current economic environment demand hands on & communicative involvement from management to lead effectively. Managers learn the difference between managing a business & leading people. Both these elements are critical & are fully addressed in this dynamic program.

Outcomes-based & highly practical. This is South Africa's most comprehensive leadership program!

Training for Leadership of self

Start your journey of Leadership

Explore topics such as defining leadershipmanagement versus leadershipwhat success looks like for you and using the GROW model to effectively apply the 4 M’s of leadership

Discover the power of passion and perseverancemindset and attitude and how to develop and  maintain a positive mindset, attitude and work ethic, get to grips with the  imposter syndrome and the 3 goals of every interaction

Conduct powerful presentations in a highly interactive session by learning 10 skills to dramatically improve your presentations, be more confident and learn the practical techniques that will enhance every presentation – formal or informal

This module focuses on how to develop creative habits, use divergent thinking and solve problems, learn the processes on how to create an environment that fosters creativity, develop a critical thinking skill set, and how to put this all into action

Learn and implement the 10 habits of Extreme Productivity, maximize motivation, make consistent progress, and achieve goals. Control YOUR TIME with the simplest, most effective Time Management System, we will help you focus on the activities that get you results

Training for Leadership of TEAM

Training for Leadership of TEAM

Learn how to understand your team by personality profiling and discover your own communication strengths to build effective relationships in your professional and personal lives. Develop, define and implement the “Simple Rules” for your TEAM

Learn the approaches, frameworks, and tools for communicating effectively and with empathy, overcome everyday communication roadblocks and building a common vision and a high-performance culture

Develop the personal attributes required on how to become a credible coach and mentor,
understand and implement the various coaching models by preparing a coaching plan to ensure successful monitoring and mentoring

Understand the need for negotiation skills and identify your individual negotiating styles. Be prepared for all negotiations by developing the communication skills essential to negotiate by demonstrating persuasive and assertiveness techniques

Develop the art of having difficult conversations and use differences of opinion to resolve conflicts constructively, proactively identify warning signs and establish your conflict management style. Learn how to implement the 6 steps to conflict resolution by establishing conflict resolution guidelines

Training for leadership of business

Introduction & implementation of profit improvement projects

Introduction to the value chain and using it to increase efficiency and reduce costs/loss, discover the financial significance of debtors and the importance of price application to a business case study

Discover the Big Picture, delve into the management challenge and learn how strategy influences decision making. Understand the 9 strategies to increase profit and producing financially orientated business plans

Understanding how to implement this powerful model by identifying and defining a WIG, identify the LAG measure and creating LEAD measures to achieve your goal. Learn how to create a completing scoreboard and drive accountability and TEAM effectiveness

Understanding financial decision making and how to Interpret and act upon an Income Statement. Discover the 3 levers of profitability and managing a budget understanding financial variables

Understand the of types of structures involved within a project environment and apply roles and responsibilities of project sponsors, project managers, project members and stakeholders, work successfully with the project team and successfully complete the project by risk management and control procedures

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