Clip art - Leadership development

Total Workshop Material available: +-12 days
(The material covered in a Workshop is customised per company based on the desired outcome)

All of the McCormick Inst. of training’s workshops are based on the “Good to Great” concept. It is a philosophy and ethos that should be instilled into every individual working in an organisation.

The competitive nature of business and the current economic environment demand huge involvement from management to manage and lead effectively. Competent Managers need to understand the difference between managing a business and leading people. Both elements are critical and the Leaderhsip Development Programme addresses both in detail.

Outcomes-based and highly practical, this programme is one of the most comprehensive available in the country.

Target Audience:

  • Top Level Management
  • Middle Management
  • Head of Department
  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Future Leader

Workshop Breakdown

  • Introduction to the Good to Great concept
  • Self and staff assessment of leadership qualities
  • Feedback on self and staff assessments of leadership qualities
  • Leading in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and accelerated)
  • Creating and maintaining high levels of personal wellbeing through the wheel of life
  • The power of attitude in effective leadership
  • Developing a common culture of company leadership
  • Introduction to the 4 m’s of leadership – modelling, motivating, monitoring, multiplying
  • Developing high levels of leadership business acumen