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Total Workshop Material available: +-8 days
(The material covered in a Workshop is customised per company based on the desired outcome)

Many organisations invest money into developing and training their leadership teams and sales consultants but neglect the vital people who support the sales team and their customer base.

Surveys tell us that Customer Service and Customer Care (internal as well as external) have become the most vital aspect of any business in the world today. It is with this in mind that we strongly recommend a Customer Experience Program to run parallel with the Leadership and Sales Development Programs.

The Customer Experience Development Program is focused on enhancing company reputation through the development and refinement of its customer experience.

Target Audience:

  • Leadership Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Tele Sales Teams
  • Internally Focused Departments
  • After Sales Teams (Technicians)
  • Internal Sales Teams
  • Warehouse/Factory Staff
  • Logistics Teams

Workshop Breakdown

  • Introduction to the good to great concept
  • Self-assessment of professional qualities
  • Feedback on self-assessment of professional qualities
  • The importance of high level customer experience support in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, accelerated)
  • Creating and maintaining high levels of personal wellbeing through the wheel of life
  • The power of attitude in delivering effective customer experience and support
  • Elevating a seamless level of professionalism and standards, throughout support personnel of the company
  • Time and activity management
  • Elevating team effectiveness
  • Developing high levels of support business
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