Below is the first in a series of articles on Sales Success by someone with good claim to be South Africa’s leading motivator of sales improvements, Mick McCormick. He is founder of the McCormick Institute of Training and developer of a unique approach to motivation, as evidenced by his first topic, the importance of personal well-being – the wheel of life and attitude. Everyone wants to go to heaven. Nobody wants to die. In sales, we see a different proposition. Everyone is dying to improve the numbers and some do just that. They die trying and drive themselves into an early grave. This article is intended for those who might fall into this trap and become the most successful sales professional in the cemetery. It will hopefully encourage a reassessment and a lead to a win-win outcome… better sales and a better you. In today’s economy we are expected to give our all and work longer and harder. The need to slow down and reassess therefore seems counter-intuitive. Yet the advisability of a rethink is supported by decades of my own experience leading 5 000 workshops for perhaps 100 000 delegates. Success can only be sustained through balance. Ours is a VUCA world (one that’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Accelerated). We can only deal with its challenges if we are anchored and balanced. The enabling tool has been around for hundreds of years. It is called ‘the wheel of life’ and was reputedly used by Buddha to help his students achieve a sense of wellbeing. In more recent times, it has been adopted by executive and life coaches to assist over-stretched clients. You can create your own wheel. Draw a circle. Insert several ‘spokes’, creating distinct segments within the wheel. Within the segments pencil in key aspects of your life, perhaps ‘career’, ‘business’, ‘money’, ‘home’, ‘family’, ‘leisure’, ‘health and fitness’ and ‘personal growth’. If there are relatively few spokes or if you devote an inordinate amount of time to only a few segments, you almost certainly lack life balance. In our profession, the risk is that you become totally absorbed in business, the job, money and career. This can lead to burnout, health problems and domestic stress. Even when monomania leads to success you feel little satisfaction or you can’t keep up the pace. Results fall away. Stress and pressure start all over again. You’re on a downward spiral. You need the wheel to turn. You need a way out. This is the theme at McCormick Institute of Training and will certainly feature in our upcoming workshops.  The first 3 delegates to sign up for our next Sales Development Workshop via this BluWave Newsletter will be entitled to a 10% discount.  Use the Reference – BWJul19 to receive the discount. Our institute is unique in the South African sales training industry for the emphasis given to personal well-being and balance. Why do we do it? One reason is our belief in sustained success rather than fits and starts. Happy, fulfilled sales professionals don’t die trying. They live, thrive and enjoy their success… year after year. About us The McCormick Institute of Training was launched in 1986. It is the brainchild of Mick McCormick, a successful national sales manager who has gone on to stellar success as a driver of sales-led corporate growth through his advocacy of total sales professionalism and personal well-being as the prerequisite for sustainable gains.


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