My articles to date have been leadership and sales focused as these two topics are of prime importance in order for companies to thrive in our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Accelerated) World. Very few companies, however, are putting enough time, effort and focus into elevating their reputation through developing a seamless level of customer service. Consistently delivering a customer experience that is second to none can only be attained by developing your staff to be effective and professional throughout the organisation. Recently we engaged with a company who were after assessing the customer experience levels delivered by their telesales team. In an effort to gauge this, we phoned ten telesales team members in the company asking for prices and quotes on specific products. The following is an overview of our experience:
  • We could not hear what the telesales person was saying
  • The lack of enthusiasm and energy was very apparent
  • One salesperson just put the phone down because the customer did not have all the information
  • Not one of the ten members took down the prospect’s details
  • None of them asked if they could follow up once the prices were given
  • Not a single telesales person enquired about what prospect was going to use the product for
  • Not one of them ever attempted to upsell any of the other products that the company sold
  • Not one of them thanked the prospect for contacting them and for the enquiry
I can go on listing more examples of the total lack of effectiveness and professionalism we encountered not even to mention the loss of potential revenue that this lax attitude towards customer service had for the company. The only way to address this type of behaviour is to develop a set of standards in your company in order to become a totally Standards Driven Organisation. Then train, train, train, and train your team members to implement the Standards. Get them excited about customer service. Motivate your staff and motivate them on a consistent basis. Companies are literally losing hundreds of thousands worth of potential business through the lack of professionalism. Is yours?


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